The Softball Hitting Coach FAQ

What kind of equipment do I need to use this app?
• iPhone 3gs or higher • iPad2 or higher • iPod Touch 2ndgeneration or higher

Why buy app?
• Anyone involved in softball knows that hitting is the hardest thing to do. By analyzing a softball swing right after filming provides users with instant results. Comparing your swing side by side to other swings you've filmed or friends, gives users the ability to gather ideas and become a more consistent hitter.  Whether your an athlete, coach, parent, or friend, Softball Hitting Coach App allows users to coach themselves wherever you are.

After I record a swing, where can I find it stored?
• At any time, swipe one finger to the right to reveal the main menu. Choose analyze and next choose the swing you're looking for.

How do I search for friends?
• Swipe to the right ion the main menu, click friends. in the top right click the plus button, and search for players.

How can I allow my friends in the app the ability to view my swings?
• To give your friends access to a certain swing, you must first upload it to the "Training Center." Once a swing is uploaded onto the training center, it is available for all your friends to view and compare.

How many swings can I analyze at one time?
• After filming a swing sequence, you can only analyze one swing at a time.

Will this work on an Android Smartphone?
We are currently developing our android version.

How can I capture better video?
We have found that the more stable you hold your phone the better the quality of video. Putting your camera on a tripod is ideal.
Do not video facing the sun. You will get better results when the sun is behind you.

What other sports do you support?
Currently we support Baseball and Softball, however we have quite a few other sports under development. If you would like to recommend one to us, please drop us a line.